Star Wars Mandalorian B-Wing Starfighter MOC-18137 Space Ship 1413Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy Gift C4362

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  • The B-wing Starfighter is one of those unique Star Wars ships that most fans know well, despite the fact that it hardly has any screen time.
  • It first made it’s appearance in Return of The Jedi and plays its part in the attack on the Death Star.
  • Though you wouldn’t know it from the battle scene, this heavy assault ship (sometimes classified as a bomber) packs the biggest punch compared to any of the other starfighters in the rebel fleet.
  • The list of weapons attached to this odd looking ship is too long to spout off here, suffice to say it’s a shame we never get to see this thing let loose in the original films. This model has functioning fold-out wings, a 360-degree rotating cockpit that seats one minfigure, and a display stand.

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