Star Wars Y Wing 10134 Attacker Starfighter Space Ship 1550Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy Gift 05040

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  • Hop on this real mini figure scale star wars Y-Wing star fighter bomber to take part in the Battle of Yavin and expand your Rebel fleet to a new level!
  • Extremely detailed for complete outer and interior of the workhorse in Rebel Alliance.
  • Features nose-mounted lasers, ‘ion cannon’ turret; this set includes 1 astromech droid and the targeting mechanism in the cockpit.
  • Dual outstanding side of engines with distinctive engine frame to provide ultimate thrust power.
  • Opening up (instead of side opening in the movie) cockpit to sit one mini figure.
  • Come with UCS display plaque with stickers. Different from earlier UCS stands, the stand is designed to hold he model posting to one side.
  • Team up with other StarWars brick sets to re-create the classic scenes in the Star Wars: The New Hope. Just a perfect add-on to any other Star Wars brick sets.

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