Ninjago Movie The City of Lanterns 80036 Monkie Kid 2187Pcs Building Blocks Bricks Kids Toy 86999

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  • Ninjago Mobie Detailed City Creation – Recreate the Monkey Kid animated series by creating City of lanterns (80036)
  • Bricks and parts are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest international safety standards
  • 7 Minifigures – Includes Monkey Kid, Tan, Mei, Pigsy, Han, Huan, Express Driver, City-Bot A05 and A16 Building Robots and Various Accessories
  • Explore the city – Store, Lotus Hotel, Speedy Panda Store, 2 Restaurants, K-TV Karaoke Box, Bubble Tea Cafe, Skytrain with Pigsy Logo, Removable Flame Wheel, and more
  • Arrange your way – rearrange buildings and recover the entire city Pigsy Hot Air Balloon and Moving Kitchen Add Fun

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