Marvel Dark Aster MOC-18622 Guardians of the Galaxy Ronan Kree Warship 7100Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy Gift

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  • Marvel Dark Aster MOC-18622 is a huge 9509 year old ship in the Kree Accusers fleet[, given to Ronan for his personal use. Upon rejecting the treaty between the Kree Empire and Nova Empire, Ronan embarked on a campaign to destroy Xandar, traveling the galaxy and butchering many Xandarians.
  • Shortly after, Ronan struck a deal with the Mad Titan Thanos, who offered to destroy Xandar if Ronan located and retrieved an object known as the Orb Upon locating the Orb on Morag, Ronan informed Thanos, who in turn dispatched his daughters Gamora and Nebula to the Dark Aster to provide Ronan assistance.  Ultimately, Gamora would betray Thanos and Ronan, which commenced a galaxy-wide hunt for her and the Orb. Following one of The Other’s leads, Ronan and Nebula used the Dark Aster to get to the Kyln , only to discover that Gamora escaped from the prison.

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