Mould King 13075 Mercedes Benz AMG C63 DTM Super Race Rally Sports Car Technic 2270Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy Gift

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  • Mould King 13075 Mercedes Benz C63 Sports Car designed to a 1:8 true scale. This is an innovative Technic MOC version, produced by Mould King Factory.
  • A cool sports car, well-designed and exquisite in shape, to simulate the real car.
  • The door can be opened manually, the doors and hood on both sides can be opened manually, and the rearview mirror can be turned.
  • Simulation front wheel hub, 1:1 simulation front hub, large-size tires, exquisite electroplating process.
  • Simulation engine, mechanical transmission, turn the steering wheel to make the front wheels turn.
  • Full-colour step by step building instructions.

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