Fire Brigade 10197 City Street View Ideas Creator Expert Series 2313Pcs Modular Building Blocks Kids Toy Gift 15004 84004

$ 89.99

  • Fire brigade 10197 Includes a 1930’s-style fire truck, 4 minifigures and a fire-dog!
  • Features lots of realistic details including fire-fighting tools, racks for firemen’s helmets and even a fire-pole!
  • The station house features an opening station garage door and 2 fully-furnished floors including a kitchen with fully-stocked fridge and a Ping-Pong table!
  • Remove the roof for interior access!
  • The roof is equipped with a water tower and bell!
  • Fire Brigade features rare elements including bricks and plates in dark tan, 1×1 dark red tiles, a red hot dog and the 3x6x5 arch. It also features gold fireman’s helmets, a tan hand bag and a red sliding garage door

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