Lord Of The Rings Hobbit Bag End MOC-27847 Shire Home 2370Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy Gift C5983

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  • This MOC is a reproduction of the Bag End home, located in the Shire.
  • Bag End was a smial situated at the end of Hobbiton. It was the home of Bilbo Baggins, afterwards of Frodo Baggins, and later of Samwise Gamgee and his wife Rosie Cotton.
  • The beautiful hole was a point of contention between Bilbo and his relatives the Sackville-Bagginses, who very much desired to own it. Here, Bilbo lived a quiet existence until the wizard Gandalf appeared with thirteen Dwarves at the beginning of The Hobbit, and Bilbo went off on his first adventure.
  • This moc is a modification of the official Lego set number 79003.

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