Mould King 26008 Great Ball Contraption Harp Track Ideas Creator 1508Pcs Building Blocks Bricks Kids Toy

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  • This Mould King 26008 Great Ball Contraption (GBC) Harp Track building model vividly restores the appearance and principle of use of the harp with round modules, classic balls and powerful power devices. In the splicing process, you can understand the structural features of the harp and feel the charm of the harp.
  • The harp is a large plucked string instrument, which is one of the oldest plucked string instruments in the world. Due to its rich connotation and beautiful sound quality, the harp has become a special instrument in symphony orchestras and musicals.
  • The harp track model is equipped with round balls, which are pushed into the lift steps to achieve flow using the harp and gear transmission.
  • The ingenious transmission structure allows you to understand the trajectory of the movement of the ball more intuitively, so as to understand the structure and working principle of the harp.
  • This building model includes accessories, such as the XL motor and battery box, to achieve more fun and continuous playability.

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