Earth Art World Map 31203 Ideas Creator Expert 11695Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy KING 61203

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  • Build the world your way with this stunning Art World Map 31203 set, which gives you 1 of 3 unique combinations of a world map to build, plus a fully customizable, open-build experience
  • Clear your mind with this set, consisting of 11,695 pieces, including 40 canvas wall decor plates, a brick-built frame, 2 unique hanging elements and a tile tool for easier rebuilding
  • This kit immerses you in your passion for travel and DIY creativity while you relax and recharge.
  • Build and display this unique, ocean depths-inspired world map that’s full of lush, vibrant colors you can use for the background. To extend the joy, rebuild the map to reflect your own world view

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