CaDa C61048 Fantasma Technic 1:8 Super Racing Car Static Version 4346Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy

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  • CaDA C61048 Super car building block. Based on a 1:8 scale prototype of the “Fantasma ” sports car. 1:8 ratio, designed and produced by Dugald Cameron.
  • The whole car is made of technological parts, with a fully mechanical linkage structure, with a CVT infinitely variable gearbox, 8 gears, and the gears can be switched by the fluctuating lever position. When it is in a high-speed gear, the rear wheel can be steered. Quick release roof cover (can be switched to convertible mode).
  • The CaDA sports car is composed of 4346 easy-to-assemble parts, all of which are made of high-quality environmentally friendly ABS materials.
  • The building blocks are smooth and polished, each part fits well, the grip is smooth and comfortable, and it is not easy to loosen. Compatible with cada technic.

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