Star Wars Tusken Raider Urtya Tent Campfire MOC-97196 With Free Minifigure 560Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy C7770

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  • Rendition of the Star Wars Tusken Raider Urtya tent that was made and used by the tusken raiders on the planet of tatooine.
  • The tusken raiders used huts/tents for easy travel and mobility on the desert planet where water was sacred.
  • Tusken raiders “sand people” raided neighbors moisture vaporators because they are the native tribe on tatooine and believed the natural resources belonged to them.
  • The sand people used bantha hides and ancient tatooine wood to build their huts and fires.
    Features of the model

    • 8 sided – multi-angle walls to create dome/tent look the raiders build their huts in.
    • 16 sided Campfire, logs to fuel fire and sticks
    • Model is minifig scale
    • multiple tools and items used by tusken raiders leaning against the hut
    • This model is intended to be modular and go beside the Cantina, obi-wans hut, luke skywalker’s land speeder, or any other tatooine builds!

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