Battlestar Galactica Minotaur Colonial Star Destroyer MOC-19273 UCS 1751Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy Gift C5283

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  • The Battelstar Galactica Minotaur warship is a testament to the pragmatic nature of the Aerilan people; you build a ship, give it plenty of armor, and fit every other spare inch with guns. It is a cost-effective fixture for fleet groups looking to bulk up their firepower.
  • The Minotaur has significant fixed firepower both ahead and to the sides; as is commonly the case in Colonial design, the forward fixed guns are of heavier caliber.
  • Even the Minotaur’s defensive marine complement is small for a vessel of its size. The Minotaur can fire downwards, but like most Colonial heavy warships, it prefers to be lower than its targets, so that it can bring its primary dorsal heavy armament to bear.

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