Star Wars X Wing Corvette Blockade Breaker MOC-69940 Space Ship With Interior UCS 2995Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy Gift ST706

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  • The Star Wars X-Wing Blockade Breaker MOC-69940 is a heavy corvette-class x-wing. Built by the company Eventus Engineering System for resistance. This corvette has a high strike force thanks to its 2 turbo-laser cannons placed at the tip and facing forward. True to the design of the X-Wings, it also has a laser-drive cannon on each of its 4 wings. This equipment makes it the ultimate weapon for frontal attacks aimed at breaking through blockades
  • In addition, it is a powerfully motorized vessel because it is equipped with 8 Hybrid Drive EES 2.1 turbo-reactors. This power combined with the X-shaped architecture gives it blazing acceleration coupled with high maneuverability for a ship of its size.
  • At ease in space combat, it is just as much in atmospheric combat thus playing a role of support for the troops on the ground but also of reinforcement since it can transport a squad of 12 troopers, as well as 2 racks of weapons that can be extracted from the ship.
    Its crew consists of: – 2 pilots in the upper kiosk at the rear of the vessel
    – 1 navigating officer in the post at the rear of the fuselage
    – 1 gunner in the bow cockpit
    – 12 troopers

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