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  • There’s something about a bounty hunter’s adventure that just feels right. Imagine this Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series version: The Razor Crest (75331). The top and huge engines are removable to view interior details. Inside the side hatches and cargo area is a weapons locker, carbon freezer and escape pod that you can detach.
  • From huge engines to weapon cases and side hatches, there is no shortage of detail or imagination put into these models. The model also includes a cockpit and sleeping quarters where minifigures can sleep peacefully at night knowing they are safe from mischief outside their ship.
  • 5 Star Wars characters – The Mandalorian, The Mythrol and Kuiil, a Grogu figure in a pram, and a buildable Blurrg figure to fit inside The Razor Crest’s cargo compartment
  • Easy-access, detailed interior – Removable engines and cockpit, 2 side hatches and a cargo compartment with space for the Blurrg, a weapons cabinet and minifigure-size carbon-freezing chamber

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