Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer ISD Aggressor Mini Tyrant Full Interior MOC-9018 UCS 15310Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy Gift C4346

$ 999.99

  • Build the Amazing Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer “Aggressor” ISD with Full interior MOC-9018 C4346 with 15,000+ Building Blocks.
  • This model is intended for very advanced and patient builders.  If you attempt it, please take your time and check your work at each step
  • Interior includes bridge, barracks, canteen, conference room, and more.
  • Hangar carries two folding TIE Fighters. Press a button to launch probe droids.
  • Turbolasers rotate in unison by turning one of the main engines.
  • Model features an original structure and design (NOT based on set 10030).
  • Easy to remove top panels for (relatively) quick access to the interior
  •  Weight: ~27 lbs (12.25 kgs)

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