Star Wars Mandalorian Imperial Gozanti Class Armored Cruiser MOC-69951 Space Ship UCS 2696Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy Gift

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  • The Star Wars Mandalorian Gozanti-class cruiser MOC-69951, also known as the Gozanti-class armed transport, was a class of armored starship used by various factions, and as such had many modified sub-variants, including the Black Sun frigate, the Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser, the C-ROC Gozanti-class light cruiser, the IGV-55 surveillance vessel, and the Gozanti-class Assault Carrier. During the First Order-Resistance War, the Gozanti Armed Transport shared a similar name.
  • The Gozanti-class cruiser was a starship that could act as a freighter and cruiser. It could be modified to accommodate a twin laser turret in a dorsal mount and a heavy laser cannon on its ventral side. The Gozanti also had a loading elevator on the bottom near the nose and docking ports to the side near the cockpit section. The ships had a hyperdrive and three engines.

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