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  • The GR-75 medium transport, sometimes referred to as the Gallofree transport, was a transport designed and constructed by Gallofree Yards, Inc.. They were lightly armed with a clamshell-like hull to protect the cargo pods it carried. They could not reach anymore than 650 kilometers per hour and had a class 4 hyperdrive.
  • They were used by the Rebel Alliance before and during the Galactic Civil War. In the early days of the rebellion, one was destroyed on a supply mission to Teralov and two more were destroyed in the Battle of Atollon.
  • At least ten transports served at the Battle of Scarif, and later in the war thirty served as escape craft during a partially successful attempt to evacuate rebel forces from an assault on Hoth, in which thirteen were able to escape
  •  Many GR-75 transports served in the Battle of Jakku, and by the time of the Cold War, several GR-75 medium transports were in the service of Jinata Security, which were modified with additional laser cannons.

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