Star Wars Andor Fondor Haulcraft Starfighter MOC-132456 UCS 1597Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy

$ 109.99

  • Star Wars Fondor Haulcraft MOC-132456, Luthen Rael’s incredibly badass ship from the Andor TV show.
  • The design comes with a fleshed out interior, with ample cockpit space, a seating area, Luthen’s vanity, smuggling compartment, weapons rack, and a bunk.
  • The exterior features deployable side laser builds, movable wings that match what is seen on screen, a removable top gun turret, opening boarding ramp, and back hatch containing “countermeasures”  to escape any imperial tractor beam.
  • The rear hatch also contains a space designed to fit Luthen’s speeder bike, which is a separate free build, instructions for which are coming out later this wee

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