Mould King 21073 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer ISD 1845Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy

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  • The Mould King 21073 Imperial star destroyer is undoubtedly the most outstanding and powerful symbol of the fleet, a miracle of shipbuilding technology. For decades, the Imperial Star Destroyer crossed the galaxy symbolizing power. As a heavy weapon platform, planetary attacker, planet defender, in the fight against ships and as a mother ship for small ships, the Imperial Star Destroyer showed outstanding achievements in every way.
  • Exquisite details in model design: the model of the Imperial Star Destroyer presents the outstanding details of this iconic starship from the Star Series. Each piece has been carefully designed to capture the features of the original ship and provide fans with an unparalleled visual experience.
  • Mould King 21073 Challenging and fun to build: the set of 1845 pieces offers a huge challenge and a fun building experience for enthusiasts. Dimensions: length 42 cm, width 27 cm, height 19.5 cm. From assembling individual parts to the finished model, this process offers a lot of joy and satisfaction.

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