Mould King 21004 Star Wars Eclipse Class Dreadnought Star Destroyer UCS With Interior 10101Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy

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  • Star Wars Eclipse Class Dreadnought Mould King 21004  Star Destroyer kit: 10,368 pieces. All parts are of the best quality and complete, perfectly compatible with original parts.
  • The star destroyer itself is very stable and constructively very appealing. This exquisite Technik model kit impresses with outstanding attention to detail and was especially designed for Star Wars fans.
  • Colour printed instructions are very detailed. The numbering of the individual steps is very clearly laid out. The instructions are easy to understand even without knowledge. 
  • A rewarding construction project for you – or a very special birthday or Christmas gift for a person who is very important to you. A great set for collectors and a really pretty display. With the Technik kit as a gift, you absolutely can’t go wrong (recommended 14+).
  • Powered by Passion. No batteries are required for this Technik set, so you can immediately start the captivating construction project.

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