Mould King 12006 Pacifics Mallard Railways Train A4 Class Locomotive Technic with RC 2139Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy

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  • Mould King 12006 Pacifics Mallard train of this railway series is a realistic reproduction of the high-speed steam locomotive manufactured by the London and Northeast Railway Company LNER.
  • This steam locomotive created a maximum speed of 126 mph. This assembling suit restores the representative blue and exotic appearance of this train with high simulation. This train is also a prototype in the cartoon “Thomas and Friends”. This is a good steam train model for railway enthusiasts.
  • This express train assembly kit can be remotely controlled via a remote control or mobile app to control the forward and backward of the train
  • The front of the Wild Duck train is equipped with signal lights with LED lights to ensure the safe driving of the train at night
  • After the locomotive is injected with water, it can emit smoke, simulating the steam effect of a steam train running
  • This train assembly kit is equipped with power accessories: 1 remote control, 1 large-capacity lithium battery box, 1 circular track, atomizer and 1 extra-large motor

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