Mould King 10045 Lamborghini Countach Technic Super Race Car 1349Pcs Building Blocks Bricks Kids Toy

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  • Mould king 10045 Lamborghini Countach super racing car Contains rich stickers that recreate the retro supercar of the 1970s, featuring a pure white exterior and classic models, making it a must-have collection for every sports car enthusiast. Small vehicles have rich details waiting for you to discover on your own.
  • The size of the classic car kit model: length: 34 cm, width: 18 cm, height: 10 cm. Contains rich details and functions, car doors, elegant and luxurious, highly restored prototype details. Supports functions such as opening the door, front bonnet and rear engine compartment cover.
  • All 1349 components are made of ABS plastic, consistent, compatible, easy to connect and not easy to spread. These parts are compatible with components and can be combined with other brands to create a beautiful scene.

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