Lord of the Rings Hobbit Wolf’s Head Grond MOC-122034 USC 2468Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy

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  • Lord of the Rings Grond MOC-122034, also known as the Wolf’s Head, was a one hundred-foot long battering ram with a head in the shape of a ravening wolf. Though named for Morgoth’s Warhammer, it was created in the likeness of the Wolf of Angband, Carcharoth.
  • Grond was forged in Mordor by Smithies of Barad-dûr specifically for use by the army besieging the city of Minas Tirith in Gondor.
  • It shared its name, in homage, with the “Hammer of the Underworld,” a great macewielded by Morgoth, Sauron’s former master.

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