Lord of the Rings Hobbit Warning Beacons of Gondor MOC-94553 USC 2071Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy

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  • The Lord of the Rings Warning Bacons of Gondor were great fireplaces permanently manned by Men of Gondor, and were placed on seven foot-hills in the range of the White Mountains.
  • From east to west they were: Amon Dîn, Eilenach, Nardol, Erelas, Min-Rimmon, Calenhad, and Amon Anwar. Amon Dîn, Eilenach, and Min-Rimmon were the oldest of the beacons.
  • During the War of the Ring, the beacons were lit two days before the Siege of Gondor by Sauron’s army began.
  • This MOC includes the beacon of the Mount Mindolluin, placed on top of Minas Tirith

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