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  • Lord of the rings Shelob’s Lair, also known as Torech Ungol, was located in the pass of Cirith Ungol and served as an impassable labyrinth in which to ensnare the enemies of Mordor.
  • The lair itself was at the utmost top of a dangerous staircase and was shrouded in shadow and darkness.
  • The tunnel walls themselves were smooth, as if worn by immeasurable touching. It was wide enough for Frodo and Sam to walk side by side with their outstretched hands touching the side walls.
  • Inside were the skeletons and rotting corpses of Shelob’s past prey; deeper into the cave could be found sticky, innumberable webs in a vast maze of tunnels. One path led to the Tower of Cirith Ungol, which was blocked by a half-door to keep Shelob out.
  • Other paths led to various other places, most of which were only known by Shelob herself. There is also a foul and evil smell in the air, sensed by Frodo and Sam. This last and horrific moc includes the cave and the hidden stair of Cirith Ungol and of course the great spider Shelob.

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