Lord Of The Rings Hobbit Pirate Ship Ambush 79008 Ideas Creator Expert Series 866Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy Gift 16018

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  • The Lord of the rings Pirate ambush ship features 3 large sails, removable section with dungeon, shadow pirate prisoner, crossbows and plenty of middle earth corsair details
  • Also includes an orc catapult with casters. Weapons include 3 swords, 3 crossbows, 3 spears, ax, long ax, bow with quiver and a long bow
  • Accessory elements include 10 plain shields, 14 decorated shields, shackles, 2 torches, 2 keys, rat, bread, diamond, coins, cards, goblets and a chain
  • The army of the dead glows in the dark; lock the shadow pirate so that he does not escape; detach the orcs with the crossbow
  • Measures over 35cm high, 60cm long and 14cm wide. Catapult measures over 1 ” (5cm) high, 3 ” (8cm) long and 2 ” (6cm) wide.

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