Lord of the Rings Hobbit Pinnacle of Orthanc with Orc Forge of Isengard MOC-33442 MOC-33532 USC 5285Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy

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  • The Pinnacle of Orthanc tower was constructed out of four piers of stone and then hardened by an unknown process. No weaponry or magic that existed on Arda was known to be able to harm it. Until the Ents that besieged Isengard during the War of the Ring managed to inflict slight damage on the tower, but their efforts ultimately proved to be futile.
  • When Grima Wormtongue later threw the palantir of Orthanc from a high window, it fell on the stairs, causing the rail to snap and part of the staircase to break.
  • The only entrance to the tower was reached by a stair of twenty-seven steps, the door could only be opened with the Keys of Orthanc. Above the door there was a balcony, and many tall windows higher up.

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