Lord of the Rings Hobbit Southern Gate of Rammas Echor MOC-102529 4278Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy

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  • MOC-102529 Rammas Echor (or the Rammas) was a great ancient wall surrounding Minas Tirith and enclosing the Pelennor Fields.
  • The Rammas Echor functioned as Minas Tirith’s second line of defense, the first being the Anduin.
  • After overrunning the Pelennor Fields, the Witch-king’s soldiers failed to guard the Rammas against any allies of Gondor who might arrive, and so the Rohirrim were able to enter the Pelennor Fields without significant opposition.
  • This moc includes the southern gate and walls with two little fortress where Aragorn with the help of the grey company and forces from Dol-Amroth arrived to the Pelennor Fields battle.

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