Lord of the Rings Hobbit Black Gate of Mordor MOC-28802 UCS 6339Pcs Modular Building Blocks Kids Toy Gift

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  • Lord of the Rings Black Gate of Mordor was set in an impregnable black stone and iron wall that stretched from the Mountains of Ash in the north to the Ephel Duath in the west.
  • It was originally a gate built by Sauron the Dark Lord of Mordor in the Second Age, to protect and guard the northern entrance into Mordor and to prevent invasions.
  • The Black Gate was the site of the last valiant battle of the War of the Ring, in the East. The Army of the West commanded by Aragorn Elessar arrived at the Black Gate and challenged the many remaining armies of Mordor.
  • Their intention was to draw the watchful Eye of Sauron away from Mount Doom, to allow Frodo the Ring-bearer to cast the One Ring into the Crack of Doom and destroy it.
  • The delay worked and the Ring was destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom, following which the Black Gate and the Towers of the Teeth immediately collapsed.

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