Jiestar 59005 The Bigboy Steam Locomotive Train Railway Express Technic 1608Pcs Building Blocks Kids Toy

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  • Jiestar 59005 Big Boy is an interesting representation of the well-known original, but whose affection must first be earned in the form of a great deal of patience. In addition, the behemoth is obviously limited in some areas due to its size.
  • Known as the “Big Boy”, the class 4000 of the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) was not only the largest and most powerful steam locomotive series of the UP at the time, but was also one of the largest and most powerful representatives of its guild worldwide.
  • Especially for the railway operation in the US-American part of the Rocky Mountains, with its high inclines of 15.5 percent in some cases, the UP for a long time relied on pre-stressed and pusher locomotives, which was personnel-intensive and therefore also cost-intensive.

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