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  • The Diagon Alley is our entry point in the Wizarding world. This magical world full of moving pictures, magical and not-so-magical creatures, cauldrons and potions, is a wonder to see. Whether we go to the seedy Knockturn Alley or settle for Ollivander’s shop, there’s a lot to see and explore.
  • And that’s the magic as well. This set brings three of the more important buildings to us, all realistically built so they look like real-world buildings. The 10217 set is a great choice for the young child who loves Harry Potter to play out famous scenes from the books, but it’s also a great display piece for adult Harry Potter fans.
  • Released in 2011, this set comes with a whopping 11 minifigures, which gives plenty of opportunity to all sorts of roleplaying scenarios and whatever a child (or adult!) imagination may desire.
  • The Diagon Alley set has three buildings: Gringotts, Ollivander’s shop and Borgins and Burkes. They are separated from each other and thus, can be combined with other buildings of your own making, or from other sets.

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