Detective’s Office 10246 City Street View Ideas Creator Expert Series 2350Pcs Modular Building Blocks Kids Toy Gift 15011 84011

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  • Search for hidden clues. Help Ace Brickman solve the mystery by building the amazing Detectives office 10246 Set.
  • Includes 6 minifigures with assorted accessories: Detective Ace Brickman, Al the barber, dart player, pool player, police woman and a mysterious lady in red.
  • Features a pool hall, barbershop, detective’s office, bathroom, kitchen, water tower and a cat.
  • Detective’s office features a desk, assorted clues, brick-built lamp, filing cabinet, fan, safe, painting, concealed wall compartment, newspaper, menu, wanted poster and a wall lamp.
  • Pool hall features a hinged, rotatable ceiling fan, pool table, printed dartboard, pool cues, pool balls and a drinking glass.
  • Barbershop features never-before-seen scissors and reflective mirror element, 2 wall lamps, barber’s chair, hinged cabinet, 2 mannequin heads and a broom.
  • Accessories include Ace Brickman’s brimmed hat, briefcase, magnifying glass and a police hat.

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